New Official Demachkieh Family Website

This website is meant to replace and invalidate any older family websites as I, Marwan Mahmoud Demachkieh, could not communicate with the engineer who created the old website. As all methods of communication with him failed, it was deamed necessary to update the old site.
Mr. Abdullah Salah Al-Din Demachkieh owns the old website; however, he could not reach the engineer either. As a result, it was necessary for me to buy a new domain and publish updated family information.
I, Marwan Demachkieh, have always taken the initiative to gather, edit, store, verify, and publish the family information since the launch of the first family website and I will continue to update this website as new information becomes available.

Migrant Family Records

I know that the information on this website is incomplete as the data for some migrant families is missing. Some of those families have lost touch with Lebanon and/or grew up abroad with no Lebanese civil registration records. As a result, some links in the hierarchical genealogy family tree are missing.

Genealogy Family Tree

The information about the 1238 members was gathered as follows:

The original family tree contained 417 members and was created in 1951 by the President of the Association Administrative Commission at the time, Badr Bin Arslan Bin Abdul Alqadr Bin Abdul Razak Bin Sheikh Ahmed. My grandfather, Mohammad Omar Bin Mohammed Rashid Bin Abdul Ghani Ghannoum Bin Sheikh Hussein Bin Abdullah Alwahab Bin Sheikh Ahmed, has continued gathering family information based on that document and storing it in his personal records. However, those records were lost during the civil war.

I, Marwan Bin Mahmoud Bin Mohammed Omar Demachkeih, has started from this information and entered it on the computer. I have also taken the initiative to call the heads of each branch and verify the information collected for each offspring which resulted in 1238 members.

After reviewing the civil registration records issued by the Lebanese Ministry of Interior for those 21 of age and older, the family tree stands as follows:

  1. The number of individuals enrolled in the first electoral district of Beirut (Ashrafieh): 3 members (Female).
  2. The number of individuals enrolled in the second electoral district of Beirut (Bachourah and Marfaa): 64 members (Male/Female).
  3. The number of individuals enrolled in the third electoral district of Beirut (Mazraa, Musaytbeh, Dar M'reisa, Ras Beiruit, Zqaq Blat, Mina Hosn): 487 members (Male/Female).

About the Member Lists

There are two published lists on this website in an excel table format, a full listing and a summary listing. Members numbered 1 through 628 are for the family's grandfather, Sheikh Ahmed, and his son's, Abdul Alwahab, offsprings followed by information about his second son, Abdul Razak, 629 through 1238.

  1. Members/Number: This is the first list which contains detailed information about each individual. Each page has a genealogical number column to track individuals on the tree, running from 1 through 1238.
  2. Members/A-z: This is the second list which is a shortened version of the first list with members sorted alphabatically based on their names in Arabic. Each page has two number columns, one to track their alphabatical order and the other for their genealogical order which is the same number as in the first list.


I would like to point out that Abdul Razak branch, whose members mainly reside in Damscus, requires updating after communicating with the families living in Syria as soon as safety and security prevail in the region.